Friendzone #2

So I had a crush on this guy for almost 3 years. I was a new student back then and had a lot of problems when he came into my life. He is tall and handsome. All the girls would ever want. He plays soccer and he is so witty and happy to be with. It was love at first sight.

Fortunately, I became one of his friends Not just his friend, but someone he always rely on and confiding at. So I guess you already know what happened. Yes, I was being friendzoned. He already had a girlfriend when we met so I became careful not knowing that I already fell in love with him.

To make the story short, I promise myself not to interfere with them and I will just wait. Yes. I’ve waited for him for almost 3 years.

Time passed by and they broke up because that girl find another guy. Imagine! He dumped someone I’ve been dreaming of for years!

I wasn’t that happy when they broke up because he had changed a lot. He started smoking and he’s always crying. I always comfort him but every time I do it, I always feel he wanted to be alone. So I let him be.

Sadly, I was transferred to another section so we’re not classmates anymore. I haven’t heard anything from him but that doesn’t stop me from loving him. I heard he is now a working student. I also heard he’s courting someone already. Sometimes, I saw him but I always hide. I don’t know. It was so awkward.

Last month, we had a training for our career. Since we’re in the same field, we met again. I think the fate loves playing with me because we became partner for a project. He talked to me like nothing had happened or maybe its just me who’s been overthinking all throughout the time. So in short, we became friends again. I also had friends in the training and since he’s my partner I introduce him to them.

At the end of our training, we went to eat at Mcdonalds. It’s like the old times hanging around divisoria to look for cheap shoes and everything. It was all fun. I thought maybe this is the right time for us. I thought that maybe this is all I’ve waited for.

While we’re eating, he asked about my friend he had met in the training. He said she’s pretty and he thought that maybe he is ready to fall in love again. He even asked me to put some bridge for them like WTF.

And again, my world crashes.

This is the poem I’ve made after that day.


So yeah, BYE


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