One day, I realized that he resembles a turtle because his the kind of person that takes a lot of time to reply to a message. So I called him a “turtle”.

As I walk on this journey of life, I didn’t realize I was really the turtle. Not because it takes too long for me to reply.

My story resembles the life of a turtle. It took me a lot of time to reach it. I thought it was only a straight road to walk by but no. Often times I fall, often times I change directions. I didn’t plan it but somehow it happens. Those unplanned change of directions sometimes caused me pain or happiness. It made me asked, “Why of all people, why it has to be me? Why of all the situations, why it has to be this painful?” 

And there was a time, I gave up. Hence the journey became slower and unclear. I looked for motivations and courage to walk again. Even if it means changing direction again. Thanks to God, He gave me the strength to face this road once again.

It’s not easy to get back on track again especially when you see the people you are with before were finishing the line already and yet you’re starting again. It’s not easy especially when you see the people whom you love getting disappointed for being too late to achieve the goal. It’s not easy to hear myself being compared to someone from the people I trust. It’s not easy to hear the crowd saying, “what a failure she became”. But then, I walk.

Right now, I am still walking the race. As much as I want to run this already, time won’t allow me. Will I make it?