Destiny = Right time, right place?

Why people say that there is a right time for everything? Right time for people to fall in love. Right time for people to achieve their goals. Right for what? How could we possibly know when is the right time? I guess there is no right time for everything. You want it, you go for it! Enough with all the excuses.

And how could a person tell that someone is not for her? That a job is not for her? Getting a degree is not for her? That this fucking destiny holds everything, right time and right place. No. Don’t lean on to something that doesn’t even exist. Don’t let your dreams lean on to something that is not reliable. We hold our destiny. We create our own destiny. Isn’t that sounds much better? Destiny is just an excuse of letting things happen than making it happen. You want it, you fight for it!

And is there really a right age for us to fall in love? Like, my mom told me that I am still young and I don’t even know what love is. So at my age, what am I feeling for my parents, isn’t that love? So how I come I dont anything about love? Age is just a number. When you feel it, then that is! When you start asking yourself, “do I love this guy?” Then the answer is yes cause you’re starting to ask yourself that question.

We can fall in love, anytime, anywhere. We can achieve our goal, anytime, anywhere. As soon as we want it, we can do it. But not all we can, we should do.